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Find your Windows version by running the winver command. It is possible that your drive simply lacks free storage space to install the update. See if you can make space by decluttering or using an exernal drive, reboot the machine, and give a Windows update another go. When you wonder how you can install Windows update that keeps failing, there are certain steps you should try to finally update OS on your computer. Give a go the steps described below in the following order until your Windows update error is fixed.

Select Advanced Options, then choose Startup Settings. Run Windows 10 in Safe Mode.To do that, launch the Settings application (Win + I), click on Update & Security, then go to the Recovery tab once the Update & Security page opens. In Drive status, you will find a broadcom drivers for Windows link that will let you repair the drive.

  • Any computer with the SMA installed on it is referred to as a Managed Client.
  • You may need to restore the default clock value via BIOS settings or simply by turning off or uninstalling the overclock software if you’re using any.
  • The BSOD error can cause tricky situations such as system failure and data loss.

It automatically installs crucial drivers and updates whenever they are available. To keep Windows endpoints up to date, the best practice is to automatically install Windows updates. Perhaps, Windows require several updates at a time. Try rebooting the machine to troubleshoot the issue. While the latter problem may be down to defective hardware, registry errors can usually be fixed using several processes on Windows. Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged this problem yet, but there is a workaround.

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A system that suffers from WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR Blue Screen of Death error may fail to boot or crash again, as it restarts. Choose files you want to recover, right-click to hit Copy To. Step 1.Click the search box and type memory and you can find Windows Memory Diagnostic in searching result. Select the USB drive from dropdown list and click OK button.

A disk image is a cloned version of the backed-up disk, with everything intact, including the hard drive’s configurations and every single file saved on the drive. First things first, you need to update your network adapter settings, and this can be done following the steps below. When you try to access a Network PC or the Workgroup in Windows 10, the 0x800704cf error code will often appear. This issue might prohibit you from connecting to the network or accessing essential files, which can have a negative impact on your job. In the pop-up Network Adapter window, select the All network adapters option.

How do I fix Microsoft error code 0x800704cf?

As mentioned, the “whea uncorrectable error” can occur due to outdated system drivers. It can be fixed by updating the system drivers. Satyeshu is a Windows blogger and data recovery expert. He is having good technical knowledge and experience in Windows data recovery. He writes about latest technical tips, Windows issues and tutorials.

Note that the following steps can differ between different versions of Windows, but the steps are generally the same. Click Start Scan to find Windows issues that could be causing PC problems. Launch the Event Viewer, navigate to the relevant category, and click on Clear Log from the list of options on the right. Open the Event Viewer, navigate to the particular category of logs from the left, and then click on Filter Current Log on the right. Are you able to make out which driver failed or the device that it was for? But the 219 Event ID helped find out a lot of information along with the relevant fixes for the problem.

The WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR is generally diagnosed when the blue screen appears with the error mentioned at the bottom. After this appears, your system typically reboots only to display this error once again. The most common cause behind the occurrence of WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR is the malfunctioning of the hardware.